Zappos Customer Service Strategy

gold and white shoes

Zappos is one of those brands that get recognized easily for their supreme customer service. They made a powerful reputation with their strategy in focusing on customer service that everyone knows their brand. Their word of mouth is so vast that it has made Zappos the number one online retailer of the shoe market.

The motto and strategy of Zappos is that “customers are kings” where they would go out of their way to help solve the customer’s needs and befriend them to retain their loyalty. Customer service is a huge part of their success since it helps classify and differentiate their business from others. They offer a 365 day return policy, free shipping both ways, and a call center that is always opened to dominate their niche with customer service.

In order to hire the best customer service reps, they came up with a strategy in hiring only the best fit candidates. Zappos would offer new hires $2,000 and a week’s salary from training just to quit as a way to screen out for the best candidates. The company believes that the employee’s own character, habits, social skills and able to commit and adjust to its culture are the most important assets for its company.

Since their reputation is on the line, they are protecting it from being tarnished with strict hiring processes and new creative methods to hire the best. In order to expand out of shoes, they are even offering bags and clothing as well in order to dominate those markets with their superb customer service.

They are riding on their word of mouth marketing from their customer service and customers loyalty to gradually become the number one online retailer in all types of goods. Zappos is expanding and is planning to take over the online retail market with their brand using their customer service strategy. Amazon is going to be their rival soon enough in the coming years.