Way to Unity

unity under the sun

Unity is the most important element that needs to be achieved between leaders and followers. United, everything becomes trivial, divided, everything becomes tantamount. The way to unity is to have a  leader lead through selflessness, which is the hardest to accomplish. Leadership itself starts with self sacrifice, and through it, one will be able to gain the support of everyone far and wide.

Followers follow what the leader does, so every action that the leader makes will set an example for all others to follow. A corrupted leader will create bad followers, a dignified leader will create good followers. In an era of self gratification, finding one who would be selfless is hard and one to lead also is even harder.

Unity is achieved when leaders have high ethics, character and wisdom. Their speech, values, beliefs and skills leads the vision, while their ethics, character and wisdom keeps everything in order. The leader is the spearhead, while the followers is the pole. To reach one coherent force of unification is the task of the leader. The leader means everything, for only unity is reached through it.