Using Cognitive Dissonance to Your Advantage

excluded from group

Cognitive dissonance is where one is influenced to act a certain way from the influences of the majority. This kind of psychological influence is induced when the majority rules over the minority. People are often more self aware of themselves when they look, feel or act a bit different than others. So, in this retrospect, these people will find ways to adjust to the majority to eliminate discomfort.

With cognitive dissonance, you can use it to influence your customers. For example, if you want your customers to use tote bag for grocery shopping at your store, there are certain measures you can use. You can give out free tote bags and have them shop around which creates cognitive dissonance as other shoppers are self conscious and will buy a tote bag to not feel out of place in the store. You can also put up signs and posters of “saving earth through tote bags” in your store so customers are more inclined from pressure to buy and use them for grocery shopping.

Cognitive dissonance is extremely effective when done by family members, friends and relatives. These people have a lot of influence on their close ones and the pressure to buy from them when the rest have bought it is one of the main MLM strategies in selling. When people feel out of place with the majority, they will try to correct themselves to be a part of them no matter if it is right or wrong, true or false.

Using psychology to your advantage like cognitive dissonance will let you influence others on what you want to accomplish. Businesses that use cognitive dissonance spread massive influence on what we wear, eat, and think. The media that is backed up by big businesses is the biggest example of cognitive dissonance.