The Advantages and Disadvantages of Parody Websites

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There’s been a huge rise of parody websites as many popular sites are being imitated because of their success. Parody can be part of a marketing strategy to gain exposure by poorly imitating well known websites. There are certainly advantages for making parody sites, but the disadvantages can outweigh them.

The advantage of having a parody website is that you get more exposure early on than the average. That’s all thanks to the exposure from the original owner, media, and word of mouth. With such traffic early on, anyone will be tempted to make a parody website. Now on to the disadvantages…

One of the main disadvantages of using parody is the loss of your own identity as you are sort of using the original’s identity. The parody site owner is more or less reinforcing the image of the original owner by their style and format. Another disadvantage is the potential legal actions that may be taken against the parody site owner. Being at the mercy of the original that can shut you down is not very pleasant. The last disadvantage would be that you will never be as big as the original as parodies are just shadows of a bigger entity.

Parody has its risk and advantages. It is very much short term gain, long term drain. That is the result of all parody websites. It is best to know the advantages and disadvantages of such marketing strategy before employing them.