Seed Marketing

different types of seeds

What is seed marketing? In a way, it is like planting seeds that will sprout fruits one day. By planting seeds such as branches, representatives and awareness on strategic locations, you will be able to cultivate and reap the reward of followers, loyalists and customers. The cultivation process is a long term investment.

Planting seeds that will grow into fruits will take time as you spread it among the strategic locations that can wield potential. These strategic locations are necessary to start awareness and expansion. Each location is like a beacon that shows the extent of seed marketing.

Persuading, converting and employing people on strategic locations will start a chain reaction of simultaneous word of mouthing and publicity that can multiply the marketing effect. The dominance of seed marketing depends on the vision and eagerness of the business.

Seed marketing is very powerful but is a long term investment where you cultivate in order to reap the reward. It is a strategy in spreading seeds all across the country for dominance. Spreading the seeds and maintaining them is crucial in order to reap victory.