Online Games Survey Strategy

online game survey

Many companies do not harness the power of online gaming and has lagged behind in the strategy behind it. Online games can be a great window of opportunities which many companies do not fully understand. For example, you can survey online players within MMORPG games like “World of Warcraft” for obtaining important data. For each player who has completed a survey that takes up only a few minutes, they can be given some virtual gold for their time, leaving both the surveyors and the online players happy. You can get thousands of gold for a small price from 3rd party services which are very cost effective. Both will become satisfied, making it a win:win situation.

Asking for public opinion, surveys, questions, and even creating focus groups within an online game can lead to many solutions and answers. It saves cost (by using virtual incentives) and generates a huge amount of inputs from the vast amount of online players within a MMORPG game. It is cost effective strategy for companies in regards to new ideas and inputs. It’s time to take online gaming a little bit more seriously. There are much potential within an online game for companies to harness.