Marketing using Word of Mouth

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Word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool. Not only is it free, it provides solid backing of how good your business is. Word of mouth can spread like wildfire so the publicity and attention your business is getting will further bring in fame, fortune and most of all, clients. Word of mouth is the most trusted source of information because people who experienced your products or services is providing positive feedbacks and remarks on your business.

In order to generate word of mouth you would need a high quality product or service that merits such praise. By far this is the hardest to achieve because of the expense of Research & Development and the furious competition in the business world. What you have today might not be good enough in a few months.

You can start creating a word of mouth campaign starting from your family, relatives and friends. Through them they will relay their message to their friends who would relate it back to their families and the cycle repeats itself. This is a great startup method for any business to generate some hype and clients.

Word of mouth does have it drawbacks. The high expectations that you have to maintain in order to live up to the public’s eye’s can be a heavy burden. If the quality is not insured or a mistake occurred, the public will be in an outrage. Even so word of mouth is a great marketing tool that should not be neglected.