Make the Host and Guest Exchange Roles

30. Make the host and guest exchange roles
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This phrase means to take over the entire leadership when the guest exchanges role with the host. Usually it will mean where a person will usurp to become the new leader of the entire enterprise. It can also mean where the prey becomes the predator, the weak overcomes the strong and disaster becomes a fortune. Through stratagem and clever thinking, change the role of guest to host.

One can infiltrate the enemy or ally as a guest through various methods from surrendering to cooperating. As you go in to the enemy or ally’s territory, you will understand and obtain valuable knowledge to use against them. As they open up, you will be able to strike them in one swift blow and exchange roles from guest to host. Through information gathering, clever thinking and strategy, you will be able to plan your move to make the switch. That is what it means to “make the host and guest exchange roles“.