Isolate your enemy

isolate your enemy

Isolating your enemy is a great way to beat the competition. A country with no allies will be decimated; a business with no allies will be render useless. We can define most business allies into suppliers, packagers, shippers, distributors, sponsors and shareholders. Isolating even one of these allies will put a heavy dent to the enemy. Finding new allies takes time and immense trust. Start isolating your enemies from their allies and their businesses will start to fail.

Observing your enemies allies is a crucial aspect in winning the competition. Not every alliance is perfect, and not every one is satisfied by it. Alliance can be made and can be broken through manipulation or bad relations. Breaking off your enemies alliances is the best way to hurt them.

Removing one of your enemies business allies; whether it is suppliers, packagers, shippers, distributors, sponsors or shareholders can destroy your enemies business. Try to give your enemies allies a better deal so they would switch side. Try to know what they want and give it to them to earn their trust and respect. Only then will it be easier to suggest something to them.

Isolate your enemy to prevent them to obtain power. Without allies, your enemy will become weak. People without allies will become extremely vulnerable. Isolate your enemy from their allies to beat the competition.