Good Fear and Bad Fear

feared boy

There is good fear and bad fear, for fear can be good and bad. It is your duty to distinguish what is good and bad. Bad fear makes you a coward; while good fear can help you succeed.

Bad fear is something you wish to avoid. A person who has such fear is always afraid of being held accountable or blamed for things they did. If you have this kind of fear, you will always place the blame at someone else, not taking up the responsibilities that you did. Bad fear is also where you abandon others because you are too afraid to help.

Good fear is necessary to acknowledge that your first plan might not be the best. Therefore, you will make multiple backup plans just in case the first one fails. Good fear is also necessary to understand if you are capable enough to do something so one will give a good thought before proceeding.

Know good and bad fear. Understand that you need good fear to succeed and that you need to discard bad fear for it will make you a coward. By knowing good fear and bad fear, you will be able to improve yourself.