AIDA Marketing Model

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The AIDA model consists of 4 different phases that leads to the purchase of a product/service.


Attention is the 1st phase that will spark the interest of a consumer. What sparks attention is usually by its unique design, pricing, and marketing.


Interest is the 2nd phase that can create a desire for the product/service. A consumer will want to know more about the product/service, its functions and features.


Desire is the 3rd phase that stimulates an action to buy. After comparing the pros and cons of the product/service and cross referencing with multiple sources, desire may grow which will lead to the purchase of the product/service.


Action is the 4th phase and the last of the AIDA. The consumer will purchase the product/service after completing the 3 phases. Desire triggers action, and the consumer will buy it when the product/service can fulfill his/her desire.

By understanding the AIDA model, you will know what makes consumers tick from the pricing structure to the designs and features. With such valuable data, you will be able to craft a product/service to the consumers satisfaction.