6 Deadly Weaknesses

number six on a wall

There are many weaknesses in humans but there are some that are just plain deadly. Here are 6 of the most deadly weaknesses that even some leaders aren’t aware of that can not only jeopardize their businesses but their life as well. A leader must be emotionally stable and have a will of iron in order to succeed.

Temper is one of the most common weaknesses among leaders and CEOs. People who are irritated easily will be able to be manipulated by others. Calling them names or daring them will make their temper explode and fall for baits easily.

Leaders who are overconfident will ignore sound advice and plans. This is a bad thing since they will think everything they do is flawless when they are not. Overconfidence will make the leader slack and their plans full of holes.

Recklessness is a fearsome weakness among leaders. Not being cautious or think deeply of the current situation can become a disaster. Charging in blindly without a clue of what’s going on is just asking for trouble.

Worrying about what others think about you limits your potential. Over worrying about your employees can also be a downfall that will limit yourself.

Patience is always a virtue. Being impatience will ruin the opportune time of your plans and actions. Unable to wait for the right time for the proper course of action can be costly and deadly.

Being intolerable at certain things can be fatal. If you are intolerable at being embarrassed, ridiculed or rejected then you will be emotionally unstable and just choke during critical situations.

These are the 6 deadly weaknesses that everyone should try to avoid. Acknowledging your weaknesses is the road to self improvement. If you have any of these deadly weaknesses you should make time to correct them by finding ways to change yourself.