5 Ways to Leave a Great & Lasting Impression

a neck with a business suit and tie

Leaving a great and lasting impression on the people you had interacted with is one of the best ways to brand yourself. Every action you make creates a little bit of impression that is crucial in branding yourself. Leaving a powerful impression is important because you will be able to create tons of contacts and opportunities.

Handshake is one of the oldest and most effective way to greet someone. A handshake relies on eye and mouth coordination so have a cheerful smile and friendly eyes. A powerful and firm handshake will leave a great impression.

How you walk can also leave a good or bad impression . Walking properly and confidently is a great way to show that you are successful (perception!) and full of confidence. Walking differently and uniquely can also leave a lasting impression although they might think you are weird.

Your voice and the way you talk can give a great impression of how intellectual you are. Talking confidently with a clear voice is a great way to show that you are successful and professional. Talking slow and low will give a bad impression of you being weak and feeble.

Personality is a crucial factor that can impress people. If you have a great personality, you will be able to attract people to you like a magnet. Being fun, outgoing, forgiving and smart is a good start.

Dressing is also another way to impress. Dress to impress in order to look unique and express yourself. How you look is very important since people will judge you first by how you look. Dressing is indeed very important in giving a good first impression.

Leaving a lasting impression is the best way to brand yourself. You will get tons of opportunities and contacts by leaving a great and lasting impression to people you had interacted with. Leave a powerful impression in order to start creating contacts & opportunities for yourself.