light speed

We learn from the past, apply it in the present, and reap it in the future. With time comes experience. With experience comes wisdom. Unshackle the past that tries to hold true to your future. What you were, now differ.


dark clouds

Losing sight in the grand scheme of things is the worst betrayal to yourself. Betraying years for the very months; months for the very days. Time does not rewind and action cannot be undone…


flowers on spring day

Through each defeat we are reborn. The experiences accumulated through it better guide us to the path of victory. Let each defeat become a lesson to help us overcome our old self to begin anew. Stronger in the making, never yielding. Born anew, as one outgrew…


sky ray

If the leader doesn’t lead, how do you expect the followers to follow? Leading is a powerful force to create action that gains momentum. A leader that leads is the spearhead of the group that everyone follows in one unison for a common vision and goal. A united force in mind and spirit that is unbreakable…


purple sky

You are your own worst enemy. Rather than to judge yourself, learn something from it. The critic within expose the weaknesses that you can understand and improve upon. You can become your best ally…